Food writer Angela Lansberger writes poignantly in Bon Appetit magazine about how, in the midst of a pandemic, she derives joy from creating intricate restaurant-quality meals for her friendly neighborhood chipmunk, Thelonius. It started with a simple snack of walnuts on a tiny picnic table that she received from her uncle. Within minutes of setting the table on her front porch, she got the satisfaction of seeing the chipmunk at the table gobbling up the walnuts, and an obsession was born. She has since created a sushi counter for Thelonius, made tiny taco shells (which he picks up and eats like a human), and even served him ramen in an edible "bowl." She documents her exploits on her Instagram feed. “This is how I am coping, laying out a picnic, watching tiny hands hold my tiny food," Lansberger said. "It’s silly, yes, but sometimes silliness is needed.”

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