The Marchessault family, including mom Lynn, two kids, two dogs and a cat, needed to get from Georgia to Alaska, due to a job relocation. The 4,200-mile car trip, originally scheduled for September, was delayed until November because of lagging paperwork. The further north they got, the worse the weather was; Lynn was facing white-out conditions, she ran out of windshield washer fluid and her tires were losing traction. After assistance from a gas station attendant, the family got new tires on their car. But Lynn was done driving. She told her husband, “Border patrol can just come and get us where we are. That’s the only way we’re leaving Canada.” Locals took to Facebook to find someone willing to drive the family to Alaska, and Gary Bath stepped up. Bath, whose job includes training members of the Canadian military to survive the Arctic, took the wheel and drove the family 1,000 miles to the Alaskan border.

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