When a pit bull named Dude lost his older pit bull friend Harley Jane, he slipped into grief. "He was really sad and very mopey," Dude's owner Julie Burroughs recalled. With a particularly busy work schedule during the pandemic, as a finance and insurance manager for an RV dealership, she decided to get a kitten to accompany Dude instead of another dog. When she saw a photo of a tabby kitten, Ace, rescued by a firefighter, she instantly knew he was "the one." When Burroughs brought Ace home, Dude was overly curious. After the two had smelled and seen each other enough, Julie felt, she decided to let them meet without Dude on a leash or Ace in his crate. The two are now best friends, and the mischievous kitten gets the once innocent Dude into trouble quite a bit. Ace has been known to leap onto counters, knocking bags of treats to the floor for them both to enjoy. The unlikely duo's close bond and humorous antics have been a welcome diversion for Burroughs during the pandemic. "I’ve always said that our pets find us; we don’t find them. I think that really has held true (for me), especially with these two."

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