"Most people who head to Woosung Street in Hong Kong's old-school neighborhood of Jordan are visiting its popular restaurants serving everything from curries to seafood," reports the Associated Press. "Others may be headed for a lone refrigerator, painted blue, with a sign that reads: 'Give what you can give, take what you need to take.' Conveniently sitting outside a hockey academy, the fridge door opens to packets of instant noodles, biscuits, tins of food and even socks and towels -- for anyone and everyone. "It's like a dignity that, when you go home, you open your fridge to get food," said fridge creator, Ahmen Khan, who owns a sports foundation on the street. "So I want the people to just feel like that. Even if it's a street, it's their community, it's their home, so they can simply just open it and then just put food there and collect the food.

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