Meltdowns and emotional tantrums are run-of-the mill for anyone with small children, but one mom, Ashley West, in Los Angeles witnessed a precious exchange between two of her sons which renewed the meaning of brotherly love. When Cory, 4, was on the verge of a meltdown because his Nintendo was not charged, his big brother, Noah, 6, instantly demonstrated a breathing technique to calm him down. Moving his hands up and down as he took deep breathes, Noah invited his little brother to breathe. Cory followed suit and quieted down, upon which Noah gave him a little pat on the shoulder and said, "See, it helps you calm down." Sharing the video on social media, their mom didn't expect it would go viral. West says she often meditates with her kids and encourages them to practice breathing to help manage emotions. "I don't have all the answers I'm really just trying to raise some emotionally healthy kids," she said.

Watch video below.