In the 1980s, many ornithologists considered the California Condor to be on the brink of extinction. Since then, the California Condor population has miraculously grown from 22 to 1,000, thanks in large part to the efforts of the California Condor Recovery Program, other partners and Jan Hamber, a trail-blazing woman biologist still working into her 90s. Hamber has devoted her life to researching, breeding and preserving this majestic and rare bird species. “When she talks about condors, Hamber’s gentle voice quickens and her eyes smile with delight,” reports John Moir in a story of devotion, resiliency and compassion in Audubon. It not only chronicles Hamber’s journey as a condor biologist and the many pivotal moments along the way to the California Condor’s survival. The story also offers a glimpse into what is possible in human-animal relations when developed from a place of recognition and compassion.

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