An eight-year-old boy in Virginia is going the extra mile to help the homeless. Zohaib Begg was in the news last year when he made it his mission to gather personal protective equipment for frontline workers. Now, the self-proclaimed “Chief Kindness Officer” has shifted his focus to uplifting the homeless community in Washington, D.C. “The reason I want to give to the homeless is because, every time I go to D.C., I see it’s a problem with my own eyes, and I had the desire to help them from my own heart,” said Begg. He has filled bags with donations he solicited from businesses, including items like socks, toothbrushes and food items. “I also want to show children that no matter your age, you can always make a difference and a positive impact in your community. You just have to find the problem and find one solution.” Wise words from a third-grader!

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