Randa Aweis, 58, waited nine years for the organ donation that would change her life. An Arab Christian, born in the Old City of Jerusalem, she was relying on regular dialysis sessions as her kidneys failed. Then the call came: A donor kidney was available. Aweis had surgery, not knowing who her donor was. Afterwards she found out that the donor was Yigal Yehoshua, a Jewish Israeli man who died in the wave of violence between Jews and Arabs in the Israeli town of Lod. Yehoshua, 56, was critically injured after being attacked by a group of young Arab Israeli men; he fought for his life for nearly a week. Yehoshua was an advocate for peaceful coexistence among Jews and Arabs. Aweis is taking up that cause, saying “We should live together. We should have peace. We should be happy.” She plans to visit Yehoshua’s family as soon as she is able, to thank them and offer them strength.

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