These students in India are working to get Covid patients the help they need. The country has been battling a deadly second wave of the virus, leading to a severe shortage of resources such as hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. “When no one else around you is stepping up, you have to do it,” one student said. These teenagers, all of whom have lost family members or seen their families impacted by this crisis are doing their part to fill the gaps in the country. The group includes 70 students from across India. They call hospitals, drugstores and oxygen providers and even source body bags and cremations, doing whatever they can in this moment of need. They also organized a national database that includes resources from all over the country, which they verify and update on a daily basis to save users significant amounts of time in finding what is needed. “The only thing that is keeping us going is the fact that we are actually helping people,” one of the students said.

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