A 2020 survey found that 57 percent of people worldwide said that “capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world.” The future of capitalism is being influenced by ideas like “conscious capitalism,” “inclusive capitalism” and “doughnut” economics, which recognize that there are more varied goals for capitalism than just maximizing profit for individuals. The “Five Capitals” model, by Jonathan Porritt, calls for the integration of five pillars of capital -- natural, human, social, manufactured and financial -- into existing economic models, and the idea is starting to take hold. In 2019, a statement was released by 180 corporate CEOs redefining “the purpose of a corporation”; the statement proposes that companies must do more than deliver profits to their shareholders. In addition, they must invest in their employees and contribute to the improvement of the human, natural and social elements of capital that Porritt refers to in his model, rather than the sole focus on financial capital, the statement says.

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