Americans really, really want green energy. Pew Research Center surveys show that, across political lines, 79 percent of respondents want the US to develop more alternative energy resources such as solar and wind. That support has increased more than 15 percentage points since 2011. Enter community choice aggregators as an option for accelerating the transition to greener power sources. Originally formed in some areas for sourcing cheaper power, the CCA concept is now allowing cities, counties or groups of both to take over the role of buying power for the community and choosing more renewables. In California, several cities have formed (nonprofit) CCAs for enhancing green power options and have been quite successful; now, 23 CCAs across the state are in charge of buying power for more than 11 million people -- nearly a third of California residents. Some CCA’ are finding opportunities to create local jobs in the green power industry, a win-win solution for their communities.

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