Menopause, which hits women in their 40s and early 50s with symptoms like anxiety, depression and fatigue, is a rarely discussed issue, but recent pioneering action by the British government has brought it to the forefront of public policy and corporate culture. The policy, initiated by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, would raise awareness and offer training to managers and paid time off to thousands of women working in municipal agencies. This policy is crucial in a scenario where women in their 50s are Britain’s fastest-growing workforce demographic while 59 percent of them say menopause negatively impacts them at work. This movement has been embraced by companies like Vodafone, British broadcaster Channel 4 and HSBC Bank, all of which have policies that include paid leave and menopause training. A Menopause Friendly Accreditation initiative has also onboarded more than 50 companies, an encouraging sign that companies are open to evaluation and correction. “If you feel supported and not made to feel embarrassed, you’re going to stay with that company,” says Katie Taylor, who has an online service called the Latte Lounge, offering businesses advice on how to support its employees with menopause.

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