Vibrant, colorful murals painted on the walls of downtown Kingston, Jamaica, are serving multiple purposes -- they have brought in more visitors and attracted more investors and businesses to an area hitherto considered the crime hub of the city. The Paint the City project of the non-profit Kingston Creative has more than 60 murals of local artists, showcasing their personal experiences with music or during the pandemic. Some of the murals even incorporate augmented reality to bring the painting to life with movement, music and narration when viewed through the phone. The two-fold goal of the project is to spur the creativity of the local people and to develop the downtown. Fifty years of damage due to political violence and gang warfare cannot be undone in a short time, but signs of hope can be seen in the revival of local businesses and increasing job opportunities. "Initiatives like this breathe life into the communities," said Dennis Brooks, spokesman of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

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