It all started from a small act of kindness. When Marcus and Raina Ranney, a doctor and physiotherapist in Mumbai, reached out and received unused leftover medicines from neighbors to help their son with Covid, an inspiration sparked. "That's when the penny dropped," recalls Marcus. "I thought: if one apartment [complex] can come together to save a life, then imagine what a locality or city or country can do." And the Meds for More initiative began. In just one month, hundreds of volunteers came together to collect unused leftover medicines from apartment buildings, offices, schools and other places. The medicines were then brought to villages where public health infrastructures are often poor and patients are unable to afford them. "In the past week, similar initiatives have sprung up in at least for other cities," Marcus said. He is hoping to expand the initiative by connecting with the government so that leftover resources from every illness may be made available to those in need of them.

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