Jennifer Rocha wanted to celebrate her Bachelor's degree in sociology from University of California, San Diego, with a photo shoot, but instead of run-of-the-mill graduation pictures, she decided to honor her parents and the sacrifices they made for her. That's why on a sunny May afternoon, 21-year-old Rocha donned a graduation gown and a Mexican stole and had her parents at her side in a vegetable field in Riverside County. Pictures of the shoot went viral online, and Rocha was invited to tell her story on "Good Morning America" and "Today." Rocha said her parents have been farmworkers their entire lives, having emigrated from Michoacan, Mexico, to California as teenagers. "It's really impressive. Through blood, sweat and tears, they are out there, working hard during hazardous conditions, especially right now that it's, like, 120 degrees. And I just want to recognize them because, without them, I wouldn't have this degree," Rocha said.

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