A youth group in Natun Leikul village in Assam, India, has come up with a unique initiative called The Blessing Hut, setting an example of giving and taking with dignity. "Take what you need, leave what you can" is the motto written across the door of the hut, and villagers have been happily donating -- and taking -- farm surplus, food, other essential commodities and even books, stationery and clothes. A spontaneous gesture by a fellow villager, Lalngam Hengna, who left a bunch of bananas in the community hall and sent a photo on a WhatsApp group inviting anyone to take them sparked what is now quickly turning into a movement. Even the timber for the Blessing Hut was donated by a youth club member, and the construction was completed within a week. The youth of the country are showing us the way to fashion our lives after the pandemic period.

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