Sixty years is a long time to hold onto a dream, but when it comes true, it hardly seems to matter. When 10-year-old Gwen McLoughlin received a letter from the New York Yankees manager politely rejecting her request to be a bat girl with the words, "a young lady such as yourself would feel out of place in a dugout," she responded in good spirits because, as she says, she loves the Yankees. Little did she know at that time that her dream would come true when she was 70 years old. Her daughter Abby forwarded the old letter to the current team manager, who invited Gwen to participate as honorary bat girl at the annual HOPE Week, which highlights inspiring people. "It's been an amazing opportunity. A day of a lifetime," said Gwen after the game. "I can't put it into words." And for the Yankees, it was an opportunity to keep their commitment to break gender barriers in the game.

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