Martha Tucker always dreamed of wearing a classic white gown on her wedding day. But when she got married in 1952, she was barred FROM entering a bridal shop because of her race. Recently, though, Tucker's wish to wear a wedding dress was finally granted, when her family brought her to a bridal shop for a long overdue gown fitting nearly 70 years after her wedding day. After Tucker made a comment to family members about longing to wear a wedding dress, her granddaughter booked an appointment at David's Bridal in Hoover, Alabama, for a gown fitting. The family made an occasion of it, taking her to lunch, getting her make-up done and having a crowd join Tucker for the fitting. Staff at the bridal shop were honored to grant Tucker's wish and were very moved by the occasion. A staff `member` at the bridal shop said, "She was absolutely stunning. I will never forget it. The whole store just lit up."

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