On Shoreditch High St., Ghazi Taimoor, a Pakistani living in London, came across a brown wallet full of bank cards belonging to a person named Rahul. Taimoor took to Twitter and vowed to return the wallet back to its rightful owner, taking Twitter users on a hunt to find Rahul. After a series of tweets, Talmoor finally found Rahul and his followers rejoiced. As one tweet put it: “A lost wallet and a man’s quest to restore it to its owner. This is how our faith in humanity is restored. Fun thread." Taimoor himself posted that after a Twitter explosion of joy. “I’m slightly teary-eyed as I type this, but I’m GRATEFUL for so much kindness & love I’ve received from strangers in this past one day. Thank you. It’s been a terribly tough year for us all and it’s little acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in,” he tweeted.

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