South Carolina restaurant owner Elliot Middleton has been sharing his time, money, and skills with his community and making a difference for many. In 2019, Middleton, the owner of Middleton and Maker Village Barbeque, hosted a food drive in Andrews, South Carolina. He had about 250 food boxes prepared for families, and they ran out of food before reaching everyone in line. Middleton apologized to people who didn’t get a food box and noticed that as they left, they just walked away. He learned that they didn’t have cars and had walked 3-4 miles to get to the food drive. Being a mechanic of 17 years who had recently gotten into the food business, he decided to use his mechanical skills to help others. He invited friends he knew from the industry and enlisted them in the effort to fix up cars to give away to the community. Since then, Middleton has been getting cars, fixing them up and donating them, all while running his busy restaurant. He maintains it has been a community effort.

Watch video below.