In homes, churches, and in braiding shops around Nashville, Tennessee, Brittany Starks and a team of dedicated volunteers are helping parents lighten their load, one braid at a time. Starks’ idea was a simple one: offer to braid children’s hair for free in order to take away some stress for parents at the beginning of the school year. As anyone who’s ever gotten their hair braided can tell you, it’s an amazing deal. Typically, getting your hair braided can cost hundreds of dollars and involve spending 5-6 hours at a braiding salon. When Starks made her offer, she was floored by the response. “I thought it was going to be 5-7 kids, but it’s ended up being 35 kids,” said Stark. She was inspired to do this after she and her family were the beneficiaries of an act of kindness earlier this year. She is braiding hair on the weekends, in the evenings and anytime she can fit it in; Starks herself is a single mother of 2 children who works three jobs.

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