They were the calm during the monster storm. The nurses at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Oschner Baptist Hospital in New Orleans volunteered to stay through the night with the babies who desperately needed their care, even as the new parents were ordered to evacuate. "I am so proud. My team pulls together. It doesn't matter what's happening, they're going to make that the babies are taken care of and that their team members are taken care of," said nurse Paula Jean Simon, who runs the NICU. All 39 babies had a NICU camera on them, so their parents could feel close to the newborns while they couldn't physically be with them. "It's about trust and them feeling comfortable with the nurses and the staff that's taking care of their babies. They knew that the babies were going to be well taken care of, loved on while they couldn't here," said Simon.

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