After considerable research, Waitrose supermarkets in Britain found that its 10p plastic bags increasingly have become single-use items. In an effort to reduce environmental impact, they will be pulling all 10p bags from its stores, eliminating 40 million single-use plastic bags per year. In its stead, 50p plastic bags, which are fully recyclable and twice as durable, will be made available. They are only to be used a last resort, however. While our new bag is more durable and fully recyclable, it is available as a last resort only and for customers with no other option," says James Bailey, executive director of Waitrose. "We do not want anyone to buy our new bags and instead would urge all our customers to bring ones they already have stocked away in cupboards at home as this is the best thing for the environment. The supermarket has long pledged to reduce single use plastics and are adhering to this mission.

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