When a group of eight long-finned pilot whales beached themselves in Canada's Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador resource enforcement officer Ryan Collier heroically worked to save the pod by getting them back into the water. The 38-year-old received the call about the stranding early one morning and, while it wasn't one of his department's duties, he figured since he lived close by, he would take a look. No one was available to assist him for several hours, but that didn't stop him. Over three hours, onlookers watched Collier work tirelessly to roll the whales onto their stomachs while pushing and pulling them away from the beach and into the water. Eventually Collier was able to get six of the whales away from shore and with the help of fellow officers, they were able to get the biggest of the bunch back to sea. When asked why he worked so hard to save the whales, Collier said, I'm an animal lover. I have to try and get them off.

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