A fruit farmer in Gdynia, Poland, is proving to be a hit with locals and hikers after opening an "honesty store" offering fresh raspberries, homemade jams and juices. Initially intended as a way for locals to quickly pick up their orders of raspberries by the box later in the day, Daniel Wojtynski's little self-service shop now has just a price list, the products on display and a cash box where shoppers leave their money. Three months on and, despite a few dishonest people, the business is doing well. "We trust people and we believe that we will eventually start to get used to such stores, as a society, and there will be less thefts," said Nadia Wojtynski, the owner's daughter. In response to the thefts a sign was put up that says, "Deaf thief: you are hungry - eat! You are thirsty have a drink! But please do not destroy the fruit of our hard work."

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