Daniel Harrison, who has autism, recently wrote down two wishes and one of them came true. "Daniel, for the first time, was asked at his special needs school to write down two things that he's like to achieve. His first was to learn to drive and the second thing which surprised us was 'make some friends' because we didn't understand that he understood the theory of friendship," said Daniel's Dad, Kevin Harrison. He posted about his son's wish on Twitter on his son's 15th birthday and was stunned by the response. With over 55,000 comments, the post was for a time the number one trending topic on Twitter in the US. Celebrities and parents of other children with autism chimed in and sent Daniel birthday wishes. Daniel jumped for joy at some of the responses. "It made me happy for Daniel, but you know, it's made me happy for parents and families and friends of autistic people across the globe," said Kevin Harrison.

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