For two years, a Colorado elk was seen with a tire around its neck. Now, after several attempts, wildlife officials have freed the animal of the rubber hindrance. The elk was first spotted by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer in 2019 about 30 miles west of Denver. Since then the elk was spotted several times by trail cameras and was known to travel between Park and Jefferson counties. Officials monitored the animal over the years and saw that the tire wasn't affecting his ability to eat and drink. But officials feared that the animal would become tangled in tree branches, fencing, or even another elk's antlers. Thankfully, they had an opportunity to remove the tire after they received a tip FROM a community `member` about the elk's location. They had to tranquilize the elk and cut its antlers to remove the tire. The elk looked to be in good health; it shed 35 pounds when the tire was removed.

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