Arranging clean water is the first priority during any disaster management. Impure water, disruption in supplies, lack of potable water could all lead to disease and worsen the crisis. An engineering dropout has created a solution which has been used by the government, the Indian army and in scores of international disaster relief efforts by UNICEF and NGOs like Oxfam. Rahul Pathak from Pune, India, dropped out from college and took over his father’s business of water purifiers. He learned to make the membranes used in the water filtration unit and manufactured mobile filters, which were first used during the Jammu-Kashmir earthquake in 2005. The filters can be transported to the remotest areas and have a membrane of 0.01 microns, which cleans water using gravity, hand pump or fuel-driven motor without the need for electricity. “The technology developed and built by the company makes them low-cost, and we believe in making ethical profits. We want to earn money for sustenance and help the maximum number of needy,” says Pathak.

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