Just one day after a Pennsylvania teacher had surgery to remove a brain tumor, she hopped on Facebook live to read her elementary school students a bedtime story and let them know she was OK. Mrs. K.D. Meucci is a 4th grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Behel Park, PA. She recently learned she had a brain tumor, but it was probably benign. Meucci had surgery to remove the tumor on a Wednesday and the next day, from her intensive care unit hospital bed, she took to Facebook Live to read a bedtime story to her students, like she always does. Meucci created the closed Facebook group Franklin Bedtime Stories years ago, so students and sometimes teachers could read a bedtime story to their friends at school. "You are my friends. You are an important part of our school community. You are an important part of our world. You are loved," she told the students at the end of her live session.

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