Eight-year-old Sianna Tully tugs on her mother, asking where daddy lives so she can send him a hand-written letter. Her father passed away when she was four months old. Sarah Tully, her mother, replied, "Heaven, on Cloud Nine." Sianna scribbled down the address. The local postman who picked up the mail from the collection box that day also lost a father. He posted the envelope to social media hoping to find the child who wrote it, "I'm trying to find the parents of the child as I would like to reach out to them and with their permission sort out a little something for the child. I myself lost my dad last year and as an adult found it hard, so I can only imagine what this child is going through." Dozens of heartwarming comments flooded in and the post finally found Sarah. She got in touch with the postman and plans to keep the social media comments in a memory box for Sianna when she gets older.

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