Six-year-old Julian Worsham of Beaverton, Oregon, is a lot like other first-graders: he loves Super Mario and Taekwondo. But he has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, and goes to a school that wasn't built for kids his height. His mother did a walk-through of the school before Julian started there, but forgot to check the cafeteria; when Julian went through the lunch line, the food was right at his head and he struggled to carry his food to benches. The school made him a makeshift cart to help him transport his lunch from the cafeteria to the sitting area. But school lunch lady, Enedelia Mottram, thought they could do better. So, she asked her husband, a custom metal worker, if he could help. He could and did; he and his team built Julian a cart he could be proud of. With handlebar grips, like a motorcycle, a stool for helping to reach the countertop, a license plate with his name on it, and flame decals, Julian couldn't be more thrilled with his new cart. Julian's parents were blown away by the love and care shown to their son.

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