Among the 33,000 runners in the 50th New York City Marathon, which took place on November 7th this year, were two friends with an uncommon bond. It was a celebration of life for Sara Kate Gillingham and Dave Kane. Four years ago, Kane was fighting for his life; doctors had found cancer in the bile ducts of his liver. He needed a transplant. When the word spread on Facebook, Gillingham, already a friend, stepped up. “I don’t know, I just felt a calling. I felt like I am in a really good position to do this,” Gillingham said. Doctors removed 60% of her liver and transplanted in into Kane and the rest is history. “Sara Kate saved my life. That’s what’s so great about this opportunity to run and to publicize, you know, the incredible bravery and generosity and love of Sara Kate and the opportunity to be a donor,” said Kane to CBS News.

Watch video below.