21-year-old Jeremiah Thoronka won Chegg's inaugural Global Student Prize, a $100,000 prize awarded to a student who has made a true impact on learning and society at large. The young student at Durham University in England invented an environmentally-friendly device to combat energy poverty. Growing up in the slums of Sierra Leone's Freetown, Thoronka would always experience the plunge into darkness by 6 p.m. due to a lack of electricity. His device, which can be placed alongside roadways, harnesses vibrations from movement into electrical currents. The invention is at the heart of his start-up company, Optim Energy. "The Sun is not always shining, water is drying up, fossil fuels are not always going to be used," he says, "but people are always moving." Thoronka was selected from among over 3,500 nominations.

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