As an infant, Jonathan Tiong was diagnosed with type-2 spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic illness where the muscles progressively weaken. He wasn't to live past the age of two. Two decades later, at the age of 24, Tiong earned the title of valedictorian in his graduating class at the National University of Singapore. He also landed a job as a full-time editorial writer at a renowned Singaporean investment fund. Tiong was not alone in these endeavors. His father took it upon himself to be Tiong's full-time caregiver, delivering him to classes and navigating mazes of stairs in his wheelchair. "We need to acknowledge the fact that living with a disability is hard in itself," Tiong said. "And every day, the people with disabilities out there who don't get recognized, don't get covered, are winning their own battles every single day."

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