A house selling for 1 Euro in an aging town has all the markings of a scam, but the scheme dreamed up by 34 Italy municipalities has a lot going for it. Buyers should not be surprised to often find dilapidated, ruined homes which they have to renovate and turn into a viable business to energize the township. But with renovations costing less than a timeshare in the US, those interested are happy to try out fresh business ventures in a completely new environment. Rubia Andrade from California plans to convert her three properties into an art gallery, wellness center, and a restaurant. Danny McCubbin from Australia is setting up a community kitchen, partnering with local supermarkets and farms to rescue unused food to feed vulnerable people. Vegan restaurants and destination wedding venues are all part of the exciting plans being drawn up, which in turn fuel local construction, plumbing, electrical businesses and the design of public spaces. “The 1-euro program is this hook that gets people to come to Sicily, and then they realize it has everything they need,” says Danny McCubbin.

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