Currently 2.2 million metric tons of plastic packaging are used each year in France, with only 27 percent of it being recycled. In October 2021 the France government announced that plastic packaging for all fruits and vegetables under 1.5 kilograms will be banned starting January 1, 2022. Some grocery stores, like zero-waste Kilogramme in Paris, have already advocated for greener vending: there is absolutely no plastic packaging other than wooden boxes, tin, and glass jars. We are in a period of crisis, says Iris Herbomel, owner of Kilogramme. It's a time when everyone wants to make an effort. We can't just throw everything away." But given its malleable, lightweight, and ubiquitous nature, the phasing out of plastics will need time, especially on a mass scale. Under the new rule, stores in France will have until 2026 to find proven alternative packaging solutions.

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