Sam Aggarwal runs a bagel shop in Wyckoff, New Jersey, US. Ten-year-old Megan Ragucci has visited his shop several times a month to buy bagels with her mom or dad for the last two years. When she was in first grade, she lost her hair to alopecia univeralis – an autoimmune condition that causes total hair loss and has no known cure. “Megan handles her baldness like a trooper, but it still hurts when people stare. People always think she’s sick and they ask her if she has cancer. After a while, that wears on a kid,” said Megan’s mom Jenn Ragucci. Aggarwal picked up on that sentiment in the store during some of Megan’s visits; he decided he would show solidarity with the girl by shaving his head. Ragucci’s hairstylist agreed to do the honors and Megan got to be present when Aggarwal’s head was shaved. “I couldn’t stop looking at Megan’s smile. I loved it. That smile was priceless. I had never seen her so happy,” said Aggarwal. The girl especially enjoyed posing for “twins” photos with Aggarwal afterward.

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