The rhinos 19 females and 11 males, a mix of adults and subadults were driven from Phinda private game reserve in South Africa, flown from Durban to Kigali, then transported by road to Akagera National Park in Rwanda, completing the 40-hour journey of more than 3,400 km (2,112 miles). 'It's absolutely vital to get white rhinos spread across the continent, where they have safe habitats, and not necessarily only where they used to be. We need to spread the risk. If some countries can't get hold of the illegal wildlife trade, white rhinos and rhinos in general might be pushed to the brink of extinction. We have to do everything we can to address their safety, said Jes Gruner of African parks. Akagera was chosen because of Rwanda's commitment to conservation and the fact that the national park has done several successful reintroductions of animal species in recent years.

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