Marty Rogers has been feeding the homeless for 44 years and in those four decades, the dad from Bronx, New York, has organized a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need through his church, Immaculate Conception. A few years ago, Marty was inspired to do more than an annual meal. Motivated by a student’s request to help homeless people, Marty came up with “Hope Walks,” where he and volunteers would take sandwiches out and offer them to people experiencing homelessness. During the pandemic, as they saw more people experiencing homelessness, they increased their Hope Walks to three days a week. Marty and the kids from Immaculate Conception have seen first hand how Hope Walks can make an impact; a woman they regularly saw on the street, Virginia, recently showed them the keys to her new apartment. “We were so thrilled. We didn’t help her do it, but maybe we played a small part. We’re some of the people that at least she can share that good news with, and we definitely celebrate with her,” Marty said.

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