Dena Morris and Jean Gearhart knew they had an older sister, born in a concentration camp during WWII, but no one knew if she was alive. Even after emigrating to the US in 1949, their mother, Dora Rapaport, kept looking for her firstborn daughter, and after Dora died in 1998, Dena and Jean kept searching. Then a DNA test showed an English woman, Clare Reay, was probably their niece, and photos showed striking similarities between Dora and Clare's mother, Evelyn Reay. The three women got to know one another via video after the “Today” show facilitated a Zoom call in June 2020. Then Reay flew to Ohio to surprise her aunts. “The Holocaust is considered a black hole for many when it comes to researching their family history,” says MyHeritage. “Stories like these are why we do what we do.”

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