At the age of 11, Ethan Hill has done more to help his community than many will in a lifetime. The sixth grader is the founder of Ethan’s heart, a Birmingham, Alabama, US, nonprofit that provides direct care to address the needs of the city’s homeless population. Through the program, Ethan and his supporters have provided hundreds of care packages for individuals experiencing homelessness. It all started when Ethan was 6 and he met Mr. Marcus. “Five years ago, I met a nice man who lives under the freeway near my school,” Ethan said. He didn’t understand why the man was living there and asked his parents if he could use some of his Christmas money to buy things for Mr. Marcus. “I ended up making six survival buckets for him and the other people under the freeway. That touched me and I have been figuring out ways to help ever since,” the boy explained.

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