At Van Deene Elementary School in Torrance, California, classroom lessons go beyond simply learning about how to read and do math. "Teaching my students about gratitude and kindness, I'm also contributing to them being good citizens, good people," said Edith Urzua-Soto, the school principal. To nourish her students' hearts, she made an animated video to teach them about gratitude. The effect was enlivening: Alexander Turvey was grateful to have wonderful friends; Jeffrey Castillo was grateful to be healthy; Aydan Young was grateful for her mother who struggled two years in therapy because she grew up in foster care. Whether in the classroom or out of the classroom, on the playground or off the playground, the children are learning valuable life lessons. "I'm thankful for my principal, which is a 10 out of 10," said K'yon Hill. Research conducted from the University of Southern California shows that gratitude can unlock hopefulness, connection, and joy.

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