Interior designer Virginia Hoffman has spent ‘hundreds of hours’ turning her heritage house into a vision from a fairytale, festooned with homemade candy canes, giant gumdrops, peppermint swirls, huge chocolate and wafer cookies, and an oversized gingerbread man. “The best part for me is watching children come. When they come up to the house and they look at things up close and, honestly, the twinkle in their eyes is just magical. I love to see that it catches their imagination.” The project began when she noticed how much the houses in her Salt Lake City neighborhood looked like gingerbread houses. "It grew on from there," she says. “It was a lot of work, but each year it is fulfilling to see it completed and feel like a lot was accomplished with imagination, ingenuity, a little engineering and figuring things out, and some luck."

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