Positive News celebrated 2021 with a list of hotspots of positive change in the UK. They included: Derby, for the UK’s first large-scale urban rewilding project; Bristol – for more inspiring forms of advertising to replace billboards; Ireland – for introducing a basic income for artists, the first of its kind in the world; Scotland – for exploring the idea of introducing a minimum income plan by 2030, the world’s first rewilding center, and the Affric Highlands initiative, one of Europe's largest rewilding projects; Birmingham, once the heart of Britain's automotive industry, for committing to a car-free future; Dublin – for protecting its traditional music heritage against developers; Northern England – for plans to create a new forest corridor linking Liverpool with Hull; London – for two new "pedal power" schemes - its cargo bike scheme and bicycle library; and Cardiff – for edible playgrounds and Wales for leading the way on Future Generations. The UN plans to adopt the Welsh approach and create a UNSpecial Envoy for Future Generations.

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