This year, single mom Tammy Rabideau plans to share love with a family in need, in memory of Sister Esther, who brought Christmas to Tammy and her daughter 13 years ago at a desperate time. Tammy, having lost her job days before Christmas, was about to write checks on her overdrawn bank account so she could give her daughter a nice Christmas. Then Sister Esther, who she'd met 10 years earlier in a sociology class that had created an enduring bond, appeared at the door. Having failed to reach Tammy at work, Sister Esther had come in person to drop off her presents - which included $1,000 inside a Christmas card. And after Christmas, Tammy learned that she was getting her job back - this time, permanently. While Sister Esther died last year at 91, the love she gave lives on, says Tammy. "This year for Christmas, in her memory, I will share that love with another family in need."

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