When she was 22 years old, Tram Pham was fleeing Vietnam for the United States. She found herself in San Jose, California at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. A nurse comforted her by speaking to Pham in her native language and guiding her through medical screenings. It is not without coincidence that 30 years later Pham finds herself at the same center; this time as a nurse. The clinic receives tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, helping them to resettle into states such as Virginia, Texas, Oregon, and North Dakota. Though the clinic is understaffed, that does not stop the nearly three dozen staff members from working tirelessly, many of whom were immigrants and refugees themselves. They understand the anxieties that come with resettling. "I see a lot of refugee patients, says Pham. I see myself. The staff guide the Afghan refugees through screening processes, acquaint them with American customs, teach them about public transportation, and connect them with jobs.

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