Londoners Livia Boumeester and Louisa Stevenson-Hamilton liked Vancouver's Kitsilano neighborhood during a visit that they decided to stay for a while. So the best friends, both 27, worked for a year in hospitality at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, and then when they returned to London in the late summer of 2020, quit their finance careers and invested their savings into a restaurant named after one of Vancouver's trendiest streets: West 4th. For brunch, there's the Granville Market wrap with tofu and vegan sausage, or for dinner, venison and cranberry tartare and cured salmon. While the pair wanted to attract the young brunch crowd from nearby upmarket London areas, some of their most-dedicated customers have turned out to be expat Canadians. Given that about 90,000 Canadians live in the UK, the owners of West 4th might have found an untapped market, said Ben Floyd of restaurant consulting company Lumiere.

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