In Florida, 5-year-old Dawstin Chattin's Christmas started off with disappointment. On Christmas Eve, the child's bag of gifts had accidentally gone missing, his mother Jaclyn explained. "We had them all wrapped up in the back of the truck, and my husband was driving behind us. And he went to make a turn and didn't realize the bag fell out." The gifts ended up on the side of the road -- but it didn't take long for someone to stop and pick them up. After a man turned the gifts in to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, they posted the discovery on social media, and were able to find and return the packages to the Chattin family. "Oh, it was a big relief, my dad had tagged me in it and said they found it and turned it into the sheriff's office and we were just ecstatic," Jaclyn described to ABC3 News. "We would like to say a big thank you and to the man who turned them in, we're grateful."

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