Baking is in Slade Grove’s blood. His great-grandmother owned a pie shop, and he helped her make pies. While he went to school for IT and marketing and then worked with AT&T and Microsoft, he has always baked on the side because it's 'cheaper than therapy'. It only began to turn into a business when a friend persuaded him to work part-time at a local store in Phoenix, which led to him opening a bakery and storefront. Wicked City Kitchen, which is known for decadent desserts, body care products and pet treats, now sells only at farmers markets and through local delivery. Grove's red velvet cupcakes gained national attention when Oprah Winfrey visited his store in 2006. His Bourbon Pecan Pie and Sweet and Spicy Infused Caramels have won Best of Phoenix awards. Grove says the recognition is nice, but he’s happy to continue at farmers markets – because that’s where the people are.

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