This year’s forecast for the global maritime industry looks particularly breezy; sails, kites, wings, and tubes are all set to appear on cargo vessels over the course of 2022, harnessing wind energy to reduce ships’ use of dirty diesel fuels. Experts count nearly two dozen new projects in the works as shipping companies look to limit emissions from carrying cargo by sea, some of which are reported to cut fuel use by as much as 20%. In addition to helping shipping companies curb their use of fossil fuels, wind propulsion devices could also aid in the transition to clearer alternative fuels. So-called “green” ammonia and hydrogen – produced using renewables – are expected to cost significantly more than fossil fuels. Reducing a ship’s overall fuel needs helps curb some of that sticker shock. “Wind is a free, abundant energy. It will be a very important complementary solution to other disruptive technologies or alternative fuels when those are ready to get on board,” said Stephanie Lesage, general counsel for Airseas.

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